Shells and Sand


About Kay Underdown

Kay grew up in Brighton and now lives in Kent, England. She is a parent with one teenager and two ‘grown–up children’. She has had a wide-ranging career in the private, public and voluntary sectors, including managing a community mediation service, working with young people and their families as a mediator and coaching parents.

Kay qualified with Distinction as a Professional Personal Performance Coach with The Coaching Academy in 2005. Coaching enabled her to bring a positive and creative approach to her work which included managing, training and supporting volunteers. She also successfully completed modules at the University of Kent on the Practice of Counseling and Counseling Children and Young People.

After graduating with a BSc degree in Social Sciences in July 2017 Kay had the amazing opportunity to join the Sue Stone Foundation and trained as a Happiness and Empowerment Coach. Kay has been inspired by Sue for many years after reading her book Love Life, Live Life.

Kay’s passion is to empower people to overcome life challenges and live happy and fulfilling lives.








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